Online Scavenger Hunts
Get to Know Some Nonprofits

These online scavenger hunts will introduce you, your kids or your class to some interesting non-profits.  It is a fun way to expand their horizons and start learning about the world beyond their hometown.

If you are a homeschooling parent or a teacher looking for a language arts lesson plan, this could make a great research project!

Non-Profit Scavenger Hunt Directions

Print out a list of the non-profit internet scavenger hunt questions below and hand them out.  Your participants can work on their own or in teams.  For some of the clues, there is a website provided.  For others they must search on their own.  Pick and choose the clues that you would like to include.  Following the list of clues is an answer key.

Internet Scavenger Hunt Questions

1. What are the seven principles of Leave No Trace? (hint:

2. What is ectodermal dysplasia, what areas of the body does can it affect and is there a cure? (hint:

3. What is SOA Watch?

4. What does Hosanna Industries do, where is it located and when did it start?

5. When was Cover Me With Love founded and what do they do? (

6. When was Amnesty International founded and what started the campaign?

7. Where is your nearest Big Brothers Big Sisters Chapter?

8. What are five different volunteering opportunities available with Volunteer Patagonia?

9. What is the major focus of the projects of La Esperanza Granada and where is it located? (hint:

10. What is

Non-Profit Internet Scavenger Hunt Answers

1. Leave No Trace Principles:

  • Plan ahead and prepare.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Leave what you find.
  • Minimize campfire impact.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.

2. Ectodermal Dysplasia:

  • A group of disorders that affect the ectoderm, the outer layer of tissue in a developing baby.
  • Hair, nails, skin, sweat glands, teeth.
  • No cure but there are many treatments available

3. SOA watch is an independent organization that seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas.

4. Hosanna Industries started in 1990 and is based in Rochester, PA near Pittsburgh. They provide construction services as a means to alleviate poverty thru new construction and rehabilitation.

5. Cover me with love was founded in 2004. They distribute hand-made baby blankets and clothing to shelters and organizations that focus on the welfare of children in North America.

6. Amnesty International was founded in 1961. The campaign was started with the publication of the article "The Forgotten Prisoners" by Peter Benenson.

7. Go to and enter your zip code to get this answer.

8. Volunteer Patagonia:

  • Culture and education work.
  • Human rights of the Patagonia communities.
  • Environment in Patagonia.
  • Natives of the Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia.
  • International Cooperation with Patagonia.

9. La Esperanza Granada is located in Nicaragua and the major focus of their projects is on education.

10. raises awareness about important causes and empowers people to take action with leading non-profits. 

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