Not So Sweet 16 Party Scavenger Hunt

by Denise
(Royse City, Texas)

For this "Not So Sweet 16 Party" Scavenger Hunt, I divided all of the participants into teams. I purchased bracelets that say "Sweet 16...If You Dare" in 5 colors and gave them to each birthday party participant.

Before the groups left to start their sweet 16 birthday party game, each received a card saying:

***Pictures or video must be taken for proof that you completed this party scavenger hunt. Be creative, daring, and outgoing. The more people you involve, the more points you will receive. Strangers may be needed to assist in a few.***

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

* Place metal pots on your heads telling people to “save themselves for the radioactive sun/moon rays”
* Have a shopping cart race across the parking lot...use whole team if possible.
* Play duck duck goose in a parking lot.
* When an announcement is made over the PA, drop for cover and yell ..“no, it's the voices again”
* Help an elderly person to their car and load their groceries for them.

Department Store Scavenger Hunt

* Girls dress up as boys. Use changing rooms. Don't forget accessories!!!
* Boys dress up as girls. Use changing rooms. Don't forget accessories!!!
* Picture in store front window posed as mannequins.
* Entire team wearing colorful eyeshadow.
* Entire team wearing hats, scarves, and gloves.

Park Scavenger Hunt

* People on a swing.
* Team on a slide.
* Team in the air, jumping... How many times did you try before getting it?
* Someone pretending to pee like a dog on a fire hydrant.
* Make a people pyramid.
* Spell out the birthday girl's name using your bodies.

Pet Store Scavenger Hunt

* Team mates holding pets.
* Begging for treats.
* Teammate eating a bone or treat.
* Team resting in pet beds.
* Getting walked on a leash into the store and be in character the entire time.

More Not So Sweet 16 Scavenger Hunt Clues

* Exotic car..Bonus if in it with the owner.
* Police car..Bonus if in it/handcuffed next to it...For game purpose only!!
* Fire Truck..Bonus if in/on it be creative!!!
* Chug a 16oz slushy in 15 seconds.
* Pole dance with STOP sign at a busy intersection.
* Picture with a random family at a restaurant.
* Re-enact an earthquake scene in a public place.
* Flash mob “dance” (Electric slide/Wobble) in busy place.
* Strangers spelling YMCA using their bodies.
* Collect pennies from vehicle (picture) purchase gas with it...Bring receipt.
* Pump gas and wash a strangers windows.
* Piggy back ride going in a drive through. Order something.
* Flirt and get a picture with cashiers.
* Out of state license plate
* Find a Gravestone with your name.
* Find a person with the same birthday as the birthday girl.

Scavenger Hunt Items to Collect and Bring Back

* Applications for a job
* Disposable toilet seat cover
* Perfume sample.
* Movie Tickets
* Birthday Card with autographs.
* Collect money from strangers for Birthday Girl.

***Remember to create a schedule to transfer the birthday girl during the evening.***

Example Schedule:
Purple and Black 5:30 in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby
Black and Blue 6:30 Wal-mart parking lot, by the gas station
Blue and Pink 7:30 Home Depot parking lot, by the lawn and garden department
Pink and Light Blue 8:30 Kohl's parking lot East side of the building.

When all of the Not So Sweet 16 Scavenger Hunt Teams met back at our house we had a bonfire. The house was decorated with sweet treats on candy dishes. We had a taco bar and drinks for everyone. At midnight (since this was the Birthday girl's actual 16th Birthday) we pulled out a cupcake tower and sang to her.

It was a really fun Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

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park hunt
by: stella

The more interesting and the realistic scavenger hunt is the Park scavenger hunt. I really loved the ending of this hunt. Making a people pyramid is a difficult task, but will be interesting and funny too. Thank you so much for providing these ideas.

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