So the newspaper shows up but you don’t really read it?  A newspaper scavenger hunt will have you flipping those pages and getting caught up on the daily news at hand.  Or maybe you are looking for fun newspaper activities for your class at school or at the university.  This one’s sure get those students paying attention to what’s going on the the world around them.

Take a look at the list below and don’t hesitate to add your own ideas to the scavenger hunt clues.  This is a great educational activity creative and lesson plan.

Get educated on the daily news!

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt List

* Who wrote the top front page article? What is it about?

* How many people are listed in the Obituaries? What page are they on?

* What is the answer to 1 Down of the Crossword Puzzle?

* What is the make of the cheapest car in listed in the Classifieds?

* Summarize the horoscope listed for Taurus.

* Find the most outrageous advertisement in the paper. What is being advertised?

* Name the two most important World News articles. (Most important to you.)

* Name three movies that are being shown at the theater closest to you.

* Find an article written by a woman. What is it about?

* Find an article written by a man. What is it about?

* What is the punch line of the third comic in the paper?

* Find a restaurant listed and provide it’s address or phone number.

* Which article fascinates you the most?

* What is showing on ABC at 7:30 pm tonight?

* Find an article that mentions an animal. What type of animal and what page is it on?

* Is there an article about a natural disaster that just occurred? If so, where was it and what happened?

* Find an article about another country. What is it about and what page is it on?

* What is the top article on page B3?

Newspaper scavenger hunts are a great way to follow along with world happenings and have fun while doing so. Use this list as a guide as you come up with a hunt that will fit your audience. As always, happy hunting!