Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

This neighborhood scavenger hunt is a fun one for participants as it's also an alphabet scavenger hunt.  Group members must find hidden objects and some that are in plain sight all around the neighborhood.  There is a scavenger hunt clue for each letter of the alphabet.

A fun twist to this hunt involves giving group members a blank sheet of paper and some markers.  They must map out the location of each scavenger hunt item as they go.  Have everyone vote on the most creative scavenger hunt map at the end of the activity.  (Teams cannot vote on their own map.)

Enjoy this scavenger hunt around town. Feel free to substitute these alphabet scavenger hunt ideas with good scavenger hunt clues and hidden objects that are appropriate for your neighborhood.

Looking for another alphabet hunt? Check out these outdoor scavenger hunt items arranged alphabetically!

Neighborhood Alphabet
Scavenger Hunt List

A - Apple Tree

B - Boat 

C - Compost Bin

D - Door Knob

E - Exit Sign

F - Fire Hydrant

G - Grill

H - Hammock

I - Ice Cream Truck

J - (Teams are on their own here!)

K - Kite

L - Lawn mower

M - Mailbox

N - Nest

O - Orange flower

P - Porch light that's on

Q - (Team's are on their own here!)

R - Railroad tracks

S - Scooter

T - Trampoline

U - Umbrella

V - Volvo

W - Water valve

X - (Team's are on their own here!)

Y - Yellow Car

Z - (Teams are on their own here!)

As always - Have fun. Be safe. And enjoy the hunt!

Have other ideas to add to this neighborhood hunt?  Send them my way and we'll keep this free resource growing!

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