Neighborhood Nature Hunt

by Heather
(Oconomowoc, WI, USA)

Ready to see which scavenger hunt team won.

Ready to see which scavenger hunt team won.

I arranged this neighborhood nature hunt in the fall before the first neighborhood kids returned to school. The scavenger hunt sent them around the block and to the wooded area at the end of our street where they usually get out and play. 

Once I created my scavenger hunt list, I made sure to print enough copies for each team. I also provided each of them with a bucket to collect their specimens. 

The time limit was set for 45 minutes and then I called them back to my patio where we went through the list and tallied which groups had found which scavenger hunt items. I didn't arrange for a prize for the winner, but I did have a treat for them followed by balloon animals made by my 8-year-old who loves to make them.

The Neighborhood Nature Hunt List

* Pine cone

* brown Pine needle

* blue rock

* Dandelion leaf

* smooth rock

* bumpy rock

* something shiny

* something small & metal

* empty package off the ground

* shelf fungus or mushroom

* roly poly bug

* wildflower

* dead leaf

* piece of broken asphalt

* maple leaf

* an acorn

* piece of thistle

* thistle flower

* piece of tree bark

* moss

* roots from a weed

* something that makes noise

* seed from a plant

* feather

* cricket

* tree nut

BONUS: a nest

Most of the kids were able to find most of the items on the list. They did a great job with this neighborhood nature hunt - and I had a lot of fun putting it together for them!

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