Nature Scavenger Hunt List

Looking for a nature scavenger hunt list? Here are a few ideas to try with your kids or your group. Feel free to add your own clues to these nature hunts as you plan your activity or outing. 

All of these hunts can be done multiple times in various locations or at different times of the year. Try them at you local park, in your backyard or on the school playground. It's fun to see the different things participants find depending on the season and the location.

nature scavenger hunt list

Sounds of Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Close your eyes and listen for the following sounds as you do this nature activity. You can also choose to make a sound map and draw out the location of everything you are hearing.

Listen for…

  • The sound of tree branches brushing together
  • The sound of a bee buzzing
  • The sound of water dripping
  • Three different birds calls
  • The sound of something unnatural
  • The sound of your breathing
  • The sound of a dog barking
  • Three different voices
  • The sound of crickets
  • The sound of frogs
  • The sound of the wind
  • The sound of something falling

Touch of Nature Scavenger Hunt List

  • Something soft
  • Something sharp
  • Something squishy
  • Something rough
  • Something smooth
  • Something wet
  • Something moving
  • Something warm
  • Something cold
  • Something gritty
  • Something dry
  • Something light
  • Something heavy
  • Something sticky

Signs of Nature Hunt

  • A feather
  • An animal track
  • An animal bone
  • A nest
  • A nut or a seed ready to be stashed away
  • A hole burrowed into the ground
  • A leaf that has been partially eaten
  • Scat - what animal do think it is from?
  • A caterpillar
  • An egg
  • A web
  • A hive
  • A rubbing on a tree

Check out this outdoor scavenger hunt list for additional natural and un-natural items to add to your hunt!

Other Nature Hunt Ideas

  • Plan a color themed outdoor scavenger hunt where objects must all be the same color
  • Do an alphabet themed nature hunt where participants must find natural objects containing every letter of the alphabet
  • Do a number hunt where participants collect from 1-10 of each item
  • Do a "scent" hunt looking for different natural smells that are found in your local environment
  • Make a bingo card with your outdoor scavenger hunt clues and have the participants try to get bingo as they explore the nature world around them

Additional nature scavenger hunt lists

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