A Nature Scavenger Hunt
To Build Awareness

This nature scavenger hunt will nurture a sense of wonder in all ages and will help to build a sense of awareness of the natural world around them.

nature scavenger hunt, outdoor scavenger hunt

Make sure to decide ahead of time if you want your child or students to bring back what they find or leave it in it's place and just be ready to tell the group their answers.

Looking for more ways to introduce perspective and awareness? Check out this photography game. Good Luck!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt List

* Something beautiful.

* Something smooth and something rough.

* Three different types of leaves.

* Something that makes a noise.

* An animal track. Who left it?

* The oldest thing you can find.

* Something red that is natural.

* Something you can feel but cannot see.

* Something with a strong scent.

* A nest or animal's home.

* Something scary.

* A good hiding place. 

* Something soft.

* Something alive.

* Something that is no longer living.

Reminder: Please be sure to ask your group be respectful of the natural environment as they go out seeking and searching. An outdoor scavenger hunt is one of many outdoor games that gets kids outside and learning but participants should be watchful of their footsteps!  This can be a great introduction for a lesson on Leave No Trace as they observe and find the items, but leave them where they find them.

Be sure to check this scavenger hunt list of items found outside to create your own nature hunt and/or supplement this one.  And let me know if you have other creative awareness activities to share!

Sharing our perspectives is so important and I love this activity as a way to introduce this concept to children and youth - as each participant comes up with different items for each clue. We all do really see the world around us differently and it's important that we share our individual perspectives so that we don't miss out on some really thing sour there!

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