Nature in the City

Get your kids geared up to explore nature in the city with this urban nature walk. This activity will have your kids, students or group taking a closer look at the city around them and exploring the city in an entirely new way.

When you think of nature scavenger hunts, you probably think of hiking in the woods or exploring your local park (with this fun park scavenger hunt).

This city nature hunt will encourage you to look closer at the urban area in which you live to find the natural things that are living and growing amidst the concrete and noise. It will give you a new perspective on your surroundings as you walk thru the city.

Use this hunt in your own city or take it with on a trip and use it as an interesting way to explore someplace new and different!

More fun location specific city scavenger hunt ideas can be found here!

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Urban Nature Walk

Nature in the City Scavenger Hunt List

  • Flower growing from a sidewalk crack.

  • Three different birds.

  • Three different leaves.

  • Something yellow that is natural.

  • The tallest tree you can find on your urban walk.

  • A seed.

  • A puddle.

  • A red pebble.

  • The smallest natural thing that you can find.

  • Look up. What do you see in the clouds? How many tall buildings do you see?

  • Evidence of an animal.

  • Evidence of erosion.

  • Take 20 steps. Were they all on concrete? Where is the nearest grass?

  • Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds of the city. Can you pick out any "natural" sounds? (birds, water, insects, wind, leaves rustling, etc.)

  • What is making the loudest sound that you hear?

  • If you were a rabbit, where would you sleep tonight?

Did you enjoy your city nature walk? What else did you find on your urban nature scavenger hunts? Share your ideas here!

Remember to check out this city walk for a different list of things to find on your next urban adventure.

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