Movie Star Kids

by Tony
(Chicago, IL USA)

Movie Star Kids is a wonderful activity to do with children of all ages.

Movie Star Activity Instructions

Start by asking your kids to draw a picture. Once they create something, ask them to imagine a story about the picture. Tell your kids they will be making their very own movie about the story and picture they just created. Ask them to find costumes from various things around the house or clothes in the closet. Have the kids act out the story (improv acting is hilarious) and film it on your cell phone, flip cam, digital camera, or similar filming device. Upload the file to a computer or TV and share the "movie" with them. They will talk about the experience with their friends for weeks. Chances are you already have a smartphone or digital camera that is capable of recording video.

If your kids like the experience, ask your children if they would like to make a movie with their friends. Think about making a backdrop for the “movie set” by draping a sheet over a closet door and letting your kids make stage props. Another idea is to build a castle made from a box and construction paper for a castle-themed movie. Just about anything around the house can be used for a prop with the right amount of creativity. See how creative your kids can get.

Additional Movie Party Ideas

For about $25 you can get a very inexpensive video projector from the toy store. Many of the projectors have built in speakers that are nice for this movie star activity. Grab a white bed sheet and stretch it out on a wall with some pushpins or tape. Do this in a room that’s very dark as the $25 projector isn’t extremely bright. Gather your kids favorite chairs or beanbags and scatter them around the room. Invite your kid’s friends over for a movie star party. Order some pizza, make some popcorn and watch your kids expressions as they see themselves on the “big screen”.

If it’s warm outside and you have a backyard, this kids movie party can be turned into an outdoor activity for kids. Depending on the length of the movie your kids made, you may want to have a dvd player and a kids movie on hand to supplement the experience. Last year we had a few of my son’s friends come over for "Movie Star Kids." We put up three small tents in the back yard, played the movie they created and then played another movie. All the kids loved it, they were very excited and immediately asked when they could do it again.

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Jul 28, 2015
cool idea
by: merina

Wow this is a cool idea to bring out the talents in the kids. So many parents fail to understand or to estimate the talents in their kids. These kinds of games can bring out the special talents they have.

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