Movie Scavenger Hunt

A movie scavenger hunt makes an excellent movie activity.  Simply come up with fun scavenger hunt movie questions and let the film roll!  

Be sure to pre-watch the movie of your choice in order to come up with a list of creative scavenger hunt clues for your group.  As they watch the movie they will find the scavenger hunt answers throughout the film.

Bonus Ideas

*  Be sure to have popcorn on hand.

*  Consider buying a couple of movie ticket gift certificates for the winner of your scavenger hunt movie game.

If you are a teacher looking for fun scavenger hunt ideas for the classroom, this movie activity takes the cake.  Choose an educational movie of your choice and create a list of scavenger hunt clues related to your creative lesson plan.  As your students view the film, they will be paying attention as they search for the correct scavenger hunt answers.

Ideas for Your
Scavenger Hunt Movie Activity

  • Color of a certain object

  • Location of a certain movie scene

  • Response of the main character to actions of another character in the movie

  • How something/someone interacts with another

  • Time of day a certain movie scene occurs

  • Outfit one of the famous actors is wearing

Be sure to put your thinking cap on to come up with both easy and difficult scavenger hunt clues and scavenger hunt riddles for your group to keep them engages and searching throughout the movie.

Have fun and be creative with this fun movie activity idea!

Did you come up with more movie hunt clues to add to this list?  Please share them so that we can grow this free resource and keep this a space for sharing our collective creativity!

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