Memory-Making Activities

Here is a collection of my top ten memory making activities for summer camp. If you are a camp counselor looking for fun activity ideas for your campers, try one of the fun summer camp games below. Enjoy!

Top Ten Memory Making Activities

1. Slip 'n Slide. You need water, soap, bubbles, a rope to pull friends down the tarp. Lots of fun for all ages.

2. Giant's Notebook, good for large groups. Split up into at least two big groups of people. Leader announces a picture for the teams to mime into. Start with simple pictures like numbers, letters, and animals, then get more complicated! Winner for each round is based on speed, creativity, and cooperation.

3. Forest Soccer- soccer in the forest with natural obstacles!

4. Relay Race- multiple team race with stations of physical and mental tasks such as sports, archery, trivia, puzzles, and obstacle courses.

5. Blindfolded climbing. Climbers are secured to your climbing structures, but blindfolded! Peers must give the climber directions to the top of the tower.

6. Synchronized Swimming. Have groups break off to produce a show routine to perform/compete.

7. Trust Walk. Campers are lined up single file and blindfolded. They must keep their arms extended to the shoulders of the person ahead of them to stay together. Obstacles are encouraged.

8. Pet rocks and sticks. Paint rocks and sticks with washable paint. Give them identities. Release into nature or keep.

9. Human Sundae, good for younger children. Create ice cream sundaes on the counselors' heads.

10. Capture the sport. Like capture the flag, but with multiple types of balls and Frisbee for each team, which must be returned to the opposite side appropriately, depending on the sport (eg. kick a soccer ball, toss a frisbee) .

Share your memory making activities for summer camp in the comments below!

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