Mall Scavenger Hunt

A really fun mall scavenger hunt is a great addition to your teen games bag of tricks and can be a great team building activity or a fun teen birthday party game.

The hunt is pretty simple to organize and always a great hit!  The clues listed below are generic for most malls. You should definitely scope out your local mall as you set this up to add scavenger hunt clues that will be specific to your location. 

Please be certain to check in with personnel to ascertain that mall games are allowed. (This is especially important if you will be sending a large group of teens on the hunt in the mall. Scavenger hunt rules will be important as well for large groups.)

mall scavenger hunt

Mall Scavenger Hunt List

  • Location of the mall public bathrooms.

  • Signature of an employee working the register at the Gap

  • What does the window art say at American Eagle?

  • What is the cost of a slice of cheese pizza at the Food Court (including tax)?

  • What is the color of the mannequin's shirt closest to the register in the Children's section of JCPenney?

  • How many different sizes to they gift wrap at Macy's?

  • Where is the children's play area in the mall? If there are more than one, how many are there?

  • How many handicap parking spots are there in from of the main mall entrance.

  • Where can you get a stroller or riding cart?

  • How many escalators are in the main part of the mall (not including those in the department stores)?

  • Signature of the manager on duty in the tools section of Sears.

  • Where is the mall lost and found?

  • Cost of the Lord of the Rings trilogy set in the mall bookstore?

  • How many restaurants are in the Food Court?

  • Where can you buy a soccer ball and for how much?

  • Find the funniest birthday card you can find at Hallmark. Be ready to share.

  • Total number of stores in the mall.

  • Where is the main mall office?

Have fun with this game at your mall and when you're finished, try this city hunt to spice up your list of teen games!  Let's face it, everyone loves to get out and go adventuring, so try to include field trips, outside games and activities as often as you can.

Looking for more fun scavenger hunt clues? Check out this other fun mall scavenger hunt list!

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