Fun Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Here’s a fun mall scavenger hunt list for your next youth group outing or mall birthday party. 

Set-up is easy. Simply print out the list of scavenger hunt clues below, hand out one per group of participants and send them off. They can take photos with a phone or camera to document their findings. 

Note: You may want to warn the mall ahead of time if you are heading there with a really large group.

Be sure to arrange a meeting point and a meeting time for the end of the mall hunt. Consider having the meeting location be an ice cream shop or pizza shop so that everyone can get a treat and compare their findings.

If you’d like a prize idea for the scavenger hunt winners, consider picking up a mall gift card, a coupon for ice cream or pizza, or a pair of fun outlandish socks!  Everyone is a winner with this mall game though as they have fun together laughing and finding the various items. So, without further ado…

mall scavenger hunt list

Mall Scavenger Hunt List

  • A 50th Birthday Card

  • A garlic press

  • An apron with a grill on it

  • Something with a lion on it

  • A men’s t-shirt with a cartoon character on the front 

  • Earrings that cost $499.00

  • Basket for disc golf

  • A pair of purple shoes (bonus points if you try them on!)

  • A brightly colored suitcase

  • An electric skillet

  • A book with the word “scavenger” in the title

  • An item containing all of the colors of the rainbow

  • A fish tank

  • A pair of rubber boots

  • The most unique musical instrument you can find

  • A cinnamon roll

  • Price of the game “Boggle”

  • A pair of golf shoes

  • A cute baby rattle

  • A deck of cards

  • A pink throw pillow

  • Ten different pairs of polka dot socks

  • A single rose

  • A set of allen wrenches

  • Three different types of tweezers

  • The cutest baby outfit you can find

  • Beef jerky

  • A fake houseplant

  • A poster with the word “love” incorporated into the design

  • A woman’s hot pink skirt

Did you have fun with this mall scavenger hunt? Share your comments below and be sure to check out my other fun mall hunt!

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