Magazine Scavenger Hunt

A creative magazine scavenger hunt is a great idea for kids, teens or adults. All you need is a large collection of magazines, a pair of scissors per person, glue and construction paper.  Simply have participants find images and/or words that fit the ideas below and make a unique collage.

Creative Magazine Scavenger Hunt

magazine scavenger hunt

Note: This scavenger hunt can be used as a starting point to create a personal “vision board” or inspiration piece as well. 

  • Find something that represents “fun”
  • Find an image that makes you happy
  • Find a question that is important to you
  • Find an image that represents home to you
  • Find your favorite color
  • Find an image or word that makes a statement
  • Find your favorite accessory
  • Create a meaningful statement using 3-5 words
  • Find something that represents a personal goal you have
  • Find an image or a word that brings to mind your ideal job
  • Find an image or word that brings vacation to mind
  • Find something hopeful
  • Find an powerful image or word
  • Find something that makes you laugh
  • Find a sentence about or an image representing somewhere you’d like to travel
  • Find something that evokes a “feel good” memory
  • Find a favorite food item
  • Find something that represents beauty
  • Find a word or an image that represents success
  • Find something that sparks your creativity

This magazine scavenger hunt for kids, teens or adults is a creative activity to do once a year to see how each person’s vision changes over time. Vision boards created from magazine images and words can be a powerful way to focus on what is important and attract more of what you want into your life. Encourage your participants to have fun with it! 

More about vision boards can be found here.

Tip: Be sure to have a variety of magazines on hand to appeal to all personalities and "visions".

Other fun ideas to incorporate into a magazine hunt:

Color themed scavenger hunt 
Find words and images that are based on a specific color

Subject/Topic specific scavenger hunt 
Find words and images for scavenger hunt clues that are based on a particular subject or topic

Find your fashion scavenger hunt
Look for images and words to create a collage that represents your personal style/fashion

Do you have some other challenging scavenger hunt clues to add to this list? Share your magazine activity ideas in the comments below. Looking for similar hunts? Check out this newspaper scavenger hunt and this dictionary game.

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