Library Scavenger Hunt

A library scavenger hunt is a great activity for your class.  It is a fun way to introduce your students to the resources of your library.

Are you looking for creative language arts lesson plans to add to your bag of tricks?   This one just might do the trick for you and your students!

Simply print out the list below or pick and choose the clues that best work for your school library and add ones that are specific to your location. Have the students work on their own or in pairs depending on their age level. 

Remember to remind them to use their quiet voices so that they don't disrupt other students who are studying.

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library scavenger hunt

Library Scavenger Hunt List

* Introduce yourself the one of the librarians and have them sign by this clue.

* What is the late fee per day for a book?

* Find a book about Anne Frank. What is the title, author, and ISBN number?

* Find one of your favorite books. What is it, who is the author, what section of the library is it located in?

* List three different magazines that the library subscribes to.

* What floor (or in what room) are the computers located?

* How many weeks can you check a book out for?

* How many quiet "study rooms" does the library have?

* Where is the book return?

* Find a reference book about something that is of interest to you. What is it? Where in the library is it located?

* Find a Spanish-English dictionary. Where is it located in the library?

* Where is the photocopier? How much does it cost to make 5 copies?

* How many days can you check a movie out for? 

* Where and how do you look up a book?

* Where are the restrooms located? 

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