Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

by Anonymous

If you are heading to Las Vegas, print out a copy of this Vegas picture scavenger hunt and bring it along. The adults on my recent trip really enjoyed it as a fun way to explore the town - and if gave us something to do as we enjoyed our evening out.


Get a partner. Find the following items and take a picture of them with a camera phone.
The first group to get all items and text the coordinator wins!

Vegas Scavenger Hunt List

* McDonald’s wrapper
* Lifesize statue (with a team member in the picture)
* Movie Ticket Stub
* Cowboy Hat
* Classic car
* Person with a concert tee
* Picture of you and partner chugging your drinks
* Duck
* Bride to be or bride
* Empty Shmirnoff Bottle
* Converse shoes
* Starbucks drink
* Picture of team member with the birthday girl
* A urinal
* A casino job application
* Martini
* A poker chip
* A drink umbrella
* Napkin from a strip club
* Flier for an upcoming show
* Picture of a team member pulling the handle of a slot machine
* Photo of a neon "Las Vegas" sign
* Picture of some red stilettos
* Picture of a group hug with random strangers on a Vegas street corner

Have fun with the list. I’m sure you’ll think of more clues once you’ve visited Vegas. Be safe on your trip - enjoy - and don't fall prey to the one armed bandit!

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