Kids Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

A kids outdoor scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get your kids or students out and exploring the natural world.  Plus it's a great hands-on and very tactile activity that will keep them actively engaged.

If you have a large group, split them into teams.  You can choose to have the kids collect the items and bring them back to share or leave the items in their natural place and just remember what they found for each question.

Enjoy this scavenger hunt list idea to get those kids searching. If you'd like to make the list longer check out this scavenger hunt list of items found outside.  Be creative and think outside the box as you come up with an exciting scavenger hunt that your kids are sure to enjoy!

kids outdoor scavenger hunt
outdoor scavenger hunt for kids

Tip: You may want to look over these scavenger hunt rules and check out tips on how to plan a scavenger hunt as well.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

  • Something that makes a noise.

  • Something yellow.

  • A piece of litter.

  • Something prickly.

  • Something smooth.

  • A place to build a nest.

  • A man-made sign.

  • An animal track. Who made it?

  • Something blue.

  • A pretty flower.

  • Something scary.

  • Something soft.

  • A feather.

  • An interesting insect.

  • Something that is wet.

  • The most beautiful thing that you see.

  • Something unnatural.

  • Something that is funny.

Use your imagination to come up with more ideas to complement this outdoor scavenger hunt. Be sure to check out our other outdoor hunts as well.  Who knows? Your may find yourself coming back for more as you recognize how fun and educational these scavenger hunts can be!

Looking for an activity to do in your own backyard? Check out these backyard scavenger hunt lists.

And as always, remember to have fun and encourage your kids to have fun with this!  Be sure to check back and share your scavenger hunt experience and any other uniques scavenger hunt clues you come up with so that we can keep this free resource for parents and teachers growing.

Happy Hunting!

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