Kids Birthday Party Ideas

kids birthday party ideas

Unique kids birthday party ideas can be hard to come by, especially when your child is just dying to have the birthday party theme be around the latest and greatest kids movie new release.  If you can get them to come around, and if you are looking for out of the ordinary birthday party ideas, then check out some of the ones below.

"Green" Birthday Party

*  Party invitations are be made on "plantable" cards.  Kids can plant them and watch what grows.

*  Party favors are little clay pots which the kids paint while they are at the birthday party.  Be sure to have some soil and seeds on hand so they can plant a seed and watch it grow.

*  Kids birthday party games to play include:  

  • Toss the can in the recycling bin
  • Pin the tree to the forest

*  Read The Lorax - by Dr. Seuss   

*  Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt for kids with a fun “green” prize at the end - maybe little seedlings they can plant in their pots?

"Baking" Birthday Party

*  Party invitations should include an ingredient for each kid to bring.

*  Party favor ideas include kid-size aprons, a lunchbox to bring baked goodies home in or even a kid-friendly cookbook.

*  Birthday party activities include:

  • Pairing kids up to working on a recipe together. (Be sure to have all the necessary ingredients on hand - or include an ingredient list in your invitation.)
  • Pin the cupcake to the cupcake tin.

"Service" Birthday Party

* Party invitations should include a quote about service.

* Party favor ideas include: a quote book made up of service-related quotes, a notebook to create a "service journal", etc.

* Birthday party activity ideas:

  • Bake a batch of cookies and then bring them to the local Ronald McDonald House.
  • Head to a local assisted living center and spend time saying hello or playing a game with the residents.
  • If it’s autumn, have a raking party and volunteer to rake the leaves of the neighborhood - end the activity by creating a giant leaf pile to dive into!
  • Set up a pen pal from another country for each party guest and make a card at the party.
  • Pin the “heart of service” on the child.

Kids “Music” Party

* Send out musical invitations that sing or play a song when the party guests open them.

* A great party favor would be a mixed CD of age appropriate music.

* Things to do at the party:

  • Make shakers, drums, or didgeridoos out of pvc pipe.
  • Play “Name that Tune” - or if they are younger, “Musical Chairs.”

Other interesting kids birthday party ideas:

  • "Cooking" Party
  • “Mystery” Party
  • “Detective” Party
  • Destination Party: Ski resort, Hiking trail, Water park, Animal sanctuary.

Hope you enjoy these creative kid's birthday party themes. Have you thrown a kids' party that was a "hit" with all of the guests? Do share your ideas so that others may learn from you and incorporate your success into their own fun kid's birthday party!

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