Journey For The Healing Tree

by Susanna

***I play this little children's "game" with my nieces and they want to play it every time they come over.***

The premise of this kids activity is simple: We have to go on a boat trip to find a special tree who's leaves (or needles...from a Christmas tree) can heal the entire village from a terrible illness...hence the title of the game "Journey For the Healing Tree."

I set up the boat (reconfigure the couch) and my nieces run around the house gathering all of the supplies needed - toilet paper, food, slippers, socks, whatever they can think of. This part can take 30-40 minutes ... while you just sit on the couch (hahaha!).

There's always a little bit of excitement because someone has to cast off the rope from the dock so that the ship can begin it's epic quest. Someone inevitably falls into the water and needs to be saved. Isn't imaginary play fun?

This past Christmas we ended up having magic powers - I think I was wind, one of my nieces was water, the other was fire, and my husband was sand. Each of these imaginary powers made it possible to safely get to the tree.

I imagine in future there will be a little argument over who gets to be water :)

Since the journey on the boat lasts months we need entertainment - snacking on chips, telling ghost stories, and watching a movie are often part of it. When I'm lucky, so is napping :)

Eventually we make it to the forbidden island, find the healing tree, and save our people from a terrible illness. We're heroes!

Since I usually babysit at night, it's usually bedtime after that. Sheesh, and good thing - they just travelled across the ocean, defeated many an enemy, and saved an entire village!

I wish I had a picture...or a video of this fun family activity. It's so hilarious and cute listening them trying to figure out what they need to take with them on their long journey. There are always the staples to bring along, but every so often there's something funny and new measuring tape or something (hahaha!)

I totally wish I had a picture to share of an epic journey for the healing tree with my nieces. :(

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