Internet Scavenger Hunt Games

Internet scavenger hunt games are a fun way for kids, teens and adults to learn while exploring the Net.  They can be created around a particular topic or theme or they can be an eclectic collection of scavenger hunt clues.  Another fun idea is to have the students themselves create a website hunt for their classmates.

The collection of hunts and ideas provided here are meant as a free resource for parents and teachers. Some of them are ones that I've created, others are actual websites that have games to play. Many of them have an educational focus - and others are just for fun.

Please let me know if you come across any other relevant websites or ideas so that I can add them to this section and we can grow this free resource for teachers and parents.

internet scavenger hunt

Collection of Online Games

National Park Online Scavenger Hunt
This hunt will introduce you to some of the national parks in the United States. 

Internet Hunts
This is a collection of online games for kids that will have them searching for hidden objects and other fun hunts.

Computer Scavenger Hunt
Use this if you are looking for a fun way to introduce your kids, class or grandparents to the World Wide Web.

Online Scavenger Hunts to learn about Non-profits
This list of scavenger hunt clues has a fun non-profit twist.

PA Online Game
A fun Pennsylvania game to learn PA facts and PA symbols. 

The World Wide Web is a big wide world. These activities are meant to keep the learning process fun while you are surfing around. Check back often as I continue to add to this list with hunts that I create and with hunts and games that I find on the internt. And feel free to add your scavenger hunts and ideas here! 

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