Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This indoor scavenger hunt is a great rainy day activity to keep your kids engaged and away from the television.

The premise is simple.  Hand your kids a list of scavenger hunt items like the one below and send them on their way.  

Note: For younger kids you may have to read the clues for them and let them go searching for items one at a time.  For older kids, let them loose with the list on their own.

indoor scavenger hunt

For a home scavenger hunt that sends them from clue to clue progressively, check out this indoor hunt.

Remember to encourage fair play with your kids. Scavenger hunts can get competitive so encourage teamwork instead of competition so that you don't have chaos on your hands!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Items

  • Pair of matching dirty socks. 

  • Tube of toothpaste.

  • Book with Anne as the main character.

  • Photo of Grandma.

  • Purple crayon.

  • Your favorite tie of dad's.

  • Something that makes an awful noise.

  • Paint a picture of the pet.

  • Wash two dirty dishes.

  • Find a dustcloth and dust the top of the TV.

  • Find something shaped like a diamond.

  • Find your old teddy bear.

  • Look up the phone number for our favorite pizza parlor.

  • Find your favorite candy bar. (Don't eat it until the end!)

  • Find the word "special" on something in the house.

  • Clean the lint out of the dryer. (Show me that you did it!)

  • Find an object with all the colors of the rainbow on it.

  • Find something that smells really good.

  • Make your bed. (Bonus points if it's already made!)

  • Call your Grandfather and say hello. 

Remember to use this as a guide. Your kids might be too old for some of these activities or too young. This list is meant to get your creative juices flowing.

For more ideas, check out these scavenger hunt lists of items found around the house. Have fun watching your children go hunting!

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