Indoor Scavenger Hunt
For the Younger Kids

This indoor scavenger hunt will take your kids all around the house.  It's a great activity to do when your kids are pent up inside and you want to run some of their energy out.

This hunt requires minimal preparation.  Use the clues below to send your children from one location to the next.  Simply put a clue at each location, some upstairs, some down to have them cruising all around.

You can mix it up every time you do this so as to make it more interesting for your children. Scavenger hunt rules should be layed out ahead of time. For example: No running in the house. Hold on to the railing when going up and down the stairs. Leave the clues where you find them so your brother and sister can find them too.

This indoor hunt is another fun one that takes less preparation as you simply hand the kids a list of items to go find. Check it out too! For the wee ones, you may want to draw a picture of the clues listed below if they can't read or check out this picture scavenger hunt

At the very end, have something fun for your kids. For example a shoebox "treasure chest" with candy, a toy, or a cookie inside.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • Start at the fireplace.

  • Look under mom and dad's bed.

  • Look inside the object that keeps our food cold.

  • Look inside the dryer.

  • Look where we keep your toothpaste.

  • Look inside the object that bakes our food.

  • Look on the front door.

  • Look under your pillow. (Or if more than one are doing this, use one of their name's.)

  • Look under the computer keyboard.

  • Look under the couch. (If more than one in the house, use a color to describe which one the clue is under.)

  • Look under your stool in the bathroom.

  • Look where we keep the sugar.

  • Look inside your boots. (Again use a name here if needed.)

  • Look behind the photo from our family vacation. (Or whatever photo you have hanging around.)

  • Look under the stairs.

  • Look behind Dad's favorite chair.

  • Look under the pepper shaker.

  • Look in the place where we re-heat our food.

  • Look in the silverware drawer.

  • Look under Mommy's hairbrush.

Add any ideas that will work for your particular house or apartment. Print out the list, cut up the clues, hide them, put a treasure at the last clue and watch your kids enjoy this indoor scavenger hunt. 

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