Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Fun indoor activities for kids are very handy to have in your back pocket and in your "bag of tricks" as a parent.  These fun indoor games for kids can be used on those rainy days and snow days when everyone is getting cabin fever.  Some of these kids games can also be done in the doctor's office or in a hotel when you're on a trip.  So keep them handy!

Wherever you choose to use them, have fun!  And as always, enjoy spending time with your kids!

indoor activities for kids

Top 10 Indoor Activities for Kids

Ideas for Children's Indoor Play
(In no particular order)

1. Build a fort. Gather together a bunch of blankets, pillows, cushions, etc. and drape them over chairs and couches to create a fort. Get creative and build a tunnel coming in with secret entrances and exits comprised of hidden overlaps in the blankets. Bring in a snack and read a story to the kids inside the fort.

2. Send the kids on an indoor scavenger hunt. These are great activities for kids to do when you want them out of your hair for a little while!

3. Look up a fun kid friendly recipe and bake something with your child. Children's cooking activities are always a lot of fun. Plus you get to eat the treat for a snack when it's done!

4. Play a board game. Some of my favorite kids games include: Twister, Monopoly Junior, Hullabaloo and Jenga. These are all great learning games for kids as they use counting, matching and motor skills to win the game and of course they're all fun games for kids to play too!

5. Play the "I Spy Game" and discover new information about your surroundings. For example: "I spy something square." Then the child (or adult when the roles are reversed) can ask yes and no questions until they discover what you have "spied." Check out these free I Spy game ideas for some clues to get you started.

6. Play with Legos. Let the kids use their imaginations to come up with various creatures, flying objects or buildings. Legos are great for fine motor skill development.

7. Have a dance party! Turn the tunes up, clear the dance floor and break it down. Let the kids jump up on the couch as a stage, give them carrots for microphones, put on silly hats and make it fun! Kids love to sing and dance and this is an excellent way to expend some energy and have a great time.

8. Make a craft project. This is a great activity for children who are creative. For an easy idea, decorate the windows with paper hearts, snowflakes, or pumpkins depending on the season. Otherwise, get out the paints and crayons and create family portraits to hang on the wall. Don't forget the family pet! Get creative and come up with some of your own art games for kids and let them use their imagination as they create images to match the clues you give them.

9. Read books. This is hands down one of my favorite activities to do with kids. Be sure to get all snuggled in to a big comfy chair as you delve into the magic of books with your kids. These are great rainy day activities for toddlers.

10. Look at family photos. Let the kids ask questions. Maybe even go on a photo hunt.

I hope you enjoyed these fun indoor activities for kids. Please feel free to share your top 10 youth activities here. Be sure to check out the contributions of our site visitors for other fun games for kids.

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