Icebreaker Game for Teens

Are you looking for a fun "get to know you" activity for teens?

This icebreaker game will have your group introducing themselves to one another and learning little tidbits of information about each other.  It's a great scavenger hunt game for groups that don't know each other very well.

Also, if you are working with a different audience, check out this summer camp icebreaker activity and these icebreaker activities for adults. Print out a copy of the list below for each participant. The goal is to go "hunting" and have different people sign next to each clue that pertains to them. They can only sign one clue at a time.

Icebreaker Scavenger Hunt List

  • Someone in the same grade as you.

  • Someone from a different school.

  •  Someone born in the same month as you.

  • Someone with the same initials as you.

  • Someone taller than you.

  •  Someone shorter than you.

  •  Someone who plays a different sport than you.

  •  Someone who plays a different instrument than you.

  •  Someone who has broken more than one bone.

  •  Someone who is from a different state than you.

  •  Someone who has the same favorite TV show as you.

  •  Someone who's favorite color is red.

  •  Someone wearing a hat.

  •  Someone who ate spaghetti last night.

  •  Someone who's favorite subject is science.

  •  Someone who's favorite subject is art.

  •  Someone who's favorite subject is math.

  •  Someone with more than two pets.

  •  Someone who's gone on vacation to the same place as you before.

  • Someone with the same shoe size as you.

As with all of my scavenger hunts, please use this list as a guide. Add your own thoughts and have fun watching your group of teenagers mingle with one another as they "break the ice." 

Come back and share your thoughts and ideas so that we can keep this free resource growing!

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