Icebreaker Activity
For Camp

Use this icebreaker activity on the first day of camp to get your campers mingling and learning a bit more about each other.  You can set the clues up in the form of a Bingo card or just give them as a list to your campers.  

To add a bit of challenge, you may add in the rule that they must find a different person for each clue or that they can only use the same person for 2 or 3 clues depending on the size of your group.

Looking for a different get-to-know you activity? Here's an icebreaker game for teens and some icebreaker activities for adults.

Icebreaker Activity List

* Find another camper with the same shoe size.

* Find a camper who has broken his or her arm before.

* Find someone who has braces.

* Find someone who has vacationed the same place you have.

* Find someone with a pet bird.

* Find someone who has two younger brothers.

* Find someone who's favorite color is purple.

* Find the person who lives the farthest away from camp.

* Find the person who lives the closest to camp.

* Find someone who flew to get here.

* Find someone who plays frisbee golf.

* Find someone who is not wearing socks.

* Find someone who is the same age as you.

* Find the person who has been coming to camp the longest.

* Find someone who has never been to camp before.

* Find someone who has the same favorite ice cream as you.

* Find someone who went fishing in the last month.

* Find someone who snowboards.

* Find someone who just got a haircut.

* Find someone who did not shower today.

This is also a great activity to try with your youth group or if planning a youth convention.

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