So you’re doing a training for adults who don’t know one another?  Icebreaker activities are a great way to start off the session.  They encourage the participants to introduce themselves and start getting to know a bit about one another right off the bat.  Icebreaker games can be used in corporate trainings, weekend retreats, or PTA meetings.

Working with a different audience group? Here’s an icebreaker game for teens and an icebreaker activity for summer camp.

The list below is a scavenger hunt that I’ve put together to encourage “breaking the ice” among adults. It can be done one of two ways. You can either print a copy of the list for each participant and they must get a signature for each entry. Or you can make the list into a Bingo card set-up and they must get signatures for a whole row to get Bingo. Whichever way you set it up, they are sure to have fun!

Also be sure to check out corporate team building events and the corporate scavenger hunt for more activities to get to know your co-workers.

Icebreaker Activities List

* Someone with the same number of children as you.

* Someone with the same shoe size.

* Someone who graduated high school in the same year as you.

* Someone with 3 grandchildren.

* Someone who took a vacation last month.

* Someone born in the same month as you.

* Someone who has lived in more than 3 different states.

* Someone who has worked in another country.

* Someone with the same initials as you.

* Someone who lives in a house that is the same color as yours.

* Someone who majored in the same subject at college as you did.

* Someone taller than you.

* Someone who works at a different company than you do. (Or in a different department if you all work for the same company.)

* Someone who drives the same color of car as you do.

* Someone with the same hobby as yours.

* Someone with the same favorite baseball team.

* Someone who still has their wisdom teeth.

* Someone who has never broken a bone.

* Someone who has read the entire Lord of the Rings series.

* Someone who wishes they were getting a raise tomorrow! 🙂

Sometimes it’s hard to get adults up and moving around. Sometimes a certain training for adults is a little dry. If you bring in icebreaker activities to start off the day, you can be sure that they will be more apt to be engaged in the process. This human scavenger hunt is another one to help with your planning process. As always, enjoy and happy hunting!