Free I Spy Game Ideas

These I Spy Game ideas are a must to add to your bag of tricks when working with little ones.  We all know that down time can turn into antsy time for toddlers and children.  Every parent, grandparent and nanny on the planet is on the lookout for good rainy day activities and games for the road. 

I've compiled this list as a guide for when you are running out of creative ideas and your child is running around wild and free.  This activity will help to focus them and calm them for a bit (and give you a breather from the craziness.)

I encourage you to print this out, add your own ideas and keep a copy of it handy in your purse for those random down times on crowded public transportation, in the doctor's office, or wherever you may be in need of a quiet game.

The premise of this kids game is simple.  Take turns "spying" an item and the other person has to guess what it is!

I Spy Ideas

Always start with "I Spy..."

* Something red.

* Something orange.

* The littlest thing in the room.

* Something that flies.

* Something that is growing.

* Something scary.

* Something that is late.

* My favorite food.

* Something bad for you.

* A large animal.

* Something wet.

* Something that you can read.

* Something loud.

* Something purple.

* Something silly.

* Something you eat.

* The letter J.

* A triangle shape.

* A blue square.

* Something that moves fast.

* Something hard.

* Something sharp.

* Something round.

* Something with 5 people on it.

Finished with this one and looking for another. I've got you covered.
Check out this free I spy game if you need another time filler.

Now have fun with those kiddos and keep them engaged in the exploration of the world around them!

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