Human Scavenger Hunt

A human scavenger hunt is a great icebreaker activity or team building game for adults or teens. It’s a “get to know you” game that is fun and engaging while also allowing folks to learn a bit about others in the group.

You can choose to set this human hunt up as an icebreaker game at the beginning of an event, or include it as an activity at your next staff meeting or corporate picnic. It’s something that can be done over the course of a morning - during break out sessions - or in one set time frame. If you are planning a wedding, consider using this as a game to play once the out of town guests start to arrive.

Be creative in how you decide to play the game. You can even map the clues out like Bingo and have folks attempt to be the first to get five in a row, or an “x”, etc. Have fun with it!

human scavenger hunt

Human Scavenger Hunt Clues

  • Someone with green eyes
  • Someone who has visited all fifty states
  • Someone who never wore braces
  • Someone whose parents grew up together
  • Someone who likes to garden
  • Someone wearing orange
  • Someone who recently got a pedicure
  • Someone who likes the same ice cream that you do
  • Someone who is older than you
  • Someone who plays a sport
  • Someone who has tried stand up paddleboarding
  • Someone with curly hair
  • Someone who has three siblings
  • Someone who is a hunter
  • Someone who doesn’t like chocolate
  • Someone that was born in a different country
  • Someone who used to be on the swim team
  • Someone shorter than you
  • Someone who likes to knit
  • Someone who never moved while they were growing up
  • Someone who likes to swing dance
  • Someone who has broken more than five bones
  • Someone who likes to ski
  • Someone wearing sunglasses
  • Someone who has the same favorite TV show 
  • Someone whose index finger is longer than yours
  • Someone who is not wearing any socks
  • Someone who has tried sky diving
  • Someone who has traveled to at least three different continents
  • Someone who is a vegetarian
  • Someone who like bluegrass music
  • Someone with the same shoe size as you
  • Someone with a dentist for a relative
  • Someone who grew up on a farm
  • Someone who has visited a National Park within the last six months

If you are looking for more human scavenger hunt ideas to add to this list, or for more brainstorming help for your activity, see the related hunts below.

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