Homeschool Scavenger Hunt Ideas?

by Marie

I'm a homeschooling mom. I'm looking for ways to tie the scavenger hunts with topics of study (educational fun). Isn't there usually some kind of award at the end of a hunt? I need some ideas. Again the goal would be for the most part, reinforcing our topic of study in a fun way. My mind is going blank on me figuring out how to do that. I really appreciate your time and thoughts! Thank you so much, Marie

Homeschool Scavenger Hunt Answer


Thanks for contacting me. There are many ways to make scavenger hunts educational and to use scavenger hunts for active, hands-on learning.

To answer your scavenger hunt questions:

You can choose to have an award at the end of the hunt or not. Maybe it's as simple as a .5 hour TV show, a healthy snack, or .5 hours of time on the wii. It can be more elaborate like a weekend excursion as well. Depends on what you want the "surprise" to be.

To tie a scavenger hunt into the lesson you need to think of the topic. For example: You are studying a certain period in history. You can set up an online scavenger hunt with a list of questions they must find the answer to online. On the other hand you are studying and environmental topic. Maybe they must find examples in nature for what you are studying: 3 producers, 3 consumers, 3 decomposers, examples of the FBI in nature, etc.

I'm more than willing to brainstorm a couple of scavenger hunts for you if you send the topics my way along with the age/s or your children. I'd love to help out and add the finished products to my site to help other homeschooling parents in their quest to make education more active and engaging.

The Guru

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Feb 23, 2016
Additional Homeschooling Ideas
by: The Guru


For fun outdoor ideas, try this kids outdoor scavenger hunt.

Or use one of these nature scavenger hunts.

To spark some ideas for your unit on the States, check out this PA online hunt.

You can model a scavenger hunt for the US presidents after this National Park online hunt. Simply come up with facts about each president that they need to find. Or, give a fact and then they need to match the president to the fact. This can get them doing online research to find information.

Alternately, for the states, put the image of a state and a fact about that state on index cards and hide them in the house or yard. Your kids must find them. Or, just hide the cards with only the image of each state and once they find the card they must come back and match it the correct state fact in a list of facts that you have printed out. Once it's correctly matched they are free to go in search of another state card.

I'm going to do some more thinking on this and see what I can come up with. This is a start for you in terms of getting your ideas flowing.

Feb 23, 2016
Thank you!
by: Marie

Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for getting back to me!  I like your ideas!  Currently we're studying colonial America and we'll be learning the presidents and states after that.  I want to go over the Am Revolution with them too, not sure if it'll happen this year or start of the next.  My boys are 10 and 11.  I really appreciate your efforts!!!  We just recently switched our methods from textbooks/workbooks to unit studies.  They were complaining too much about how boring homeschool is and rushing to get through their work so they could have their own free time.  So, now I'm on a mission to make it more interesting and exciting for all of us.  I love the idea of scavenger hunts!!!  I want to do some just for fun too, maybe on a nice day get them outside and send them on a scavenger hunt to find more obscure natural things to make them more observant of the nature around them.  They're excellent for training the eyes to be observant in a game form, I love it!  A few ideas will get my own creative juices flowing, but I need that jumping off point.  Maybe after making a couple for the boys they might enjoy turning the tables and making one for Mom and Dad, after completing a study on a topic, which would then get them using resources and looking things up, and working together, all good things!  I love it!  Can't wait!  Thank you, thank you!!!  Marie

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