Around the Home
Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun around the home scavenger hunt that can be done as a rainy day kids activity - or just to keep your kids busy while you are getting lunch or dinner ready. The best part about this indoor scavenger hunt is the kids won’t actually be “collecting” things - so it’s a no mess activity which we all can appreciate!

Around the Home Scavenger Hunt List

Feel free to tweak this as needed to fit your home and space.

Around the Home Scavenger Hunt
  • Look for your baby photo album and choose your favorite baby picture.

  • What color is Mommy’s toothbrush?

  • Is the washing machine empty or full of clothes?

  • Count the doors inside our house. How many are there?

  • What color are the sheets on the bed in the guest room?

  • How many pairs of shoes do you have in your room?

  • Find five toys that are out of place in your playroom and put them away.

  • Name four foods that are on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator.

  • Find something hanging on a doorknob in our house - what is it?

  • Find a purple, a yellow and a green crayon and a piece of paper. Draw a pretty picture with these colors to share at dinner tonight.

  • Find a pair of dirty socks and put them in the dirty laundry pile.

  • Find your favorite stuffed animal and build a swing or a bed for it in your bedroom.

  • Collect five books that are out of place and put them back on the bookshelf.

  • Write “I love you” on a piece of paper and stick it in the pocket of someone’s pants that are hanging clean in the closet.

  • Make up a song about today’s rainy weather and be ready to sing it for us after the indoor scavenger hunt.

  • How many different kinds of cereal are in our cupboard?

  • Count the windows in our our house. How many did you find?

  • Is my coffee cup full or empty?

  • Find your rain coat and rain boots and an umbrella for me and put them by the door. Get ready to go play in the puddles!

  • Find your favorite book - then come find me and have me read it to you!

These are just some ideas for a home scavenger hunt that can be done indoors on a rainy day. Feel free to add and subtract indoor scavenger hunt clues that work for your house and for your kids. Also - here are some scavenger hunt lists of items found around the house that you can sprinkle in to make the hunt a bit longer and/or more difficult if you’d like. 

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