History Scavenger Hunt

Take your students back in time with a history scavenger hunt.  A history game is a great way to introduce those state standards while also engaging your students in experiential learning. 

The clues below are only a start. Use your creativity to introduce the particular era of history that your class is studying. Spice up this history lesson with famous sayings and quotes by famous people

And as always, please feel free to share your scavenger hunts and ideas so that this free scavenger hunt list resource will continue to grow.

History Scavenger Hunt Questions

* When was the Declaration of Independence signed in the United States?

* Who was the first person to walk on the moon. When? What country was he/she from?

* Who invented the light bulb? Where was it first lit?

* Who was Jackie Robinson and what is he famous for?

* Who were the first human inhabitants of the Australian continent? When were they given the right to vote?

* What is Carl Linnaeus famous for?

* Where does teff flour come from? What are it's origins?

* Who was Ferdinand Marcos?

* When was the first round-the-world flight undertaken? By whom?

* When was Mozart born?

* When did Argentina become an independent country?

* Where does couscous come from? What are it's origins?

* When did the California gold rush take place?

* Who invented the toothbrush?

* What happened at the Battle of Wounded Knee?

* Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe by boat?

* Who was Edward Jenner? When did he live and what is he famous for?

* When was the Jurassic period? What was unique about this period?

Themes for More
Educational Scavenger Hunts

Here are some ideas for history games that you can brainstorm and create on your own for your class.  
Have fun!

* Black History Month

* Native American History

* History of Space Discovery

* History of Science and Major Scientific Findings

* World History

* History of Language

* Latin American History

* History of the Major World Wars

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