Hiking Activities
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Sometimes even the best of us need a way to engage on trail.  Hiking activities encourage all ages to engage their senses and pay attention to their surroundings as they explore the woods, desert, mountains and streamsides around them.

Not sure that your group will be into hiking games or trail activities? Rest assured if you present this scavenger hunt in a fun, playful way, all will be able to enjoy your next tromp in the great outdoors. Want to encourage awareness, check out this nature scavenger hunt for more ideas.

hiking activities

Below you will find a list of scavenger hunt items that you can tweak to your hiking destination. Break it down into a couple of different lists and take them on a multi-day backpack. 

Take your classroom out to a nearby park for a hike and use the items that will work for you. 

Grab your kids and go for an evening stroll down a neighborhood trail and watch them explore and hunt for things on the list.

Want to make your own hunt? Check out this scavenger hunt list of items found outside to pick and choose your own clues.

Ideas for Fun Trail Activities

* Find a heart shaped rock.

* Find an animal's home.

* Find a creature in the clouds.

* Find three different leaves.

* Find four different shades of green.

* Find a friend's shadow and wave to it.

* Find something that smells pretty.

* Find a place where erosion is occurring.

* Stop. Listen. What do you hear?

* Spin in a circle slowly and count the trees around you.

* Pick up 3 pieces of litter.

* Get down on your hands and knees and find the tiniest plant you can see.

* Rub the bark of a nearby tree. Is it smooth or rough? Now look for insects on the tree bark.

* Wade into the creek/lake/stream. Do you see any fish or insects?

* Give the person you are with a hug.

* What is the tallest thing around you?

* Pretend a predator is after you. Where is the best hiding spot you can find?

* Can you find all the colors of the rainbow?

* Can you find a small puddle or some standing water? When did it last rain?

* Take 15 steps walking as slowly and quietly as you can. Pretend you are sneaking up on something.

* Look around and try to find a bird's nest.

* Find a piece of scat. What animal left it behind? 

As always, these hiking activities are meant as a guide to get your imagination rolling. Please tweak them to your audience and add your own ideas.

Enjoy and happy hunting!

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