Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Are you getting ready for the spooky season?  A Halloween scavenger hunt is a creative way to celebrate the haunted house season of ghosts and goblins with your group.

Below you will find some spooky scavenger hunt clues that you can assign point values to and have participants look for either solo or in groups as they go trick-or-treating around your town or neighborhood. 

Halloween scavenger hunt

This Halloween game is also fun to photo document so be sure to have cameras or video cameras available for the spooky event.

(Definitely plan to pop out to scare your participants every once in awhile...after all it wouldn't be Halloween without a "BOO" or two involved!)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

  • Find a cyclops pumpkin.
  • Take a photo of 3 different ghost costumes.
  • Take a photo of the most outrageous costume at the costume store.
  • Trick or treat at 10 houses.
  • Take a photo of a bat.  (bonus points if it's a real one!)
  • Find a handful of pumpkin seeds.
  • Find an orange and a black crayon.
  • Find a black cat.
  • Find a witch's hat.
  • Take a photo with a vampire.
  • Apply fake blood to yourself in a creatively scary way.
  • Find some Halloween cookies.
  • Find a spider in a web.
  • Scream your most eerie scream on the corner of your street.
  • Find a scarecrow decoration and a scarecrow costume.
  • Find a jack-o-lantern that is smiling.
  • Find an entire family of five that are all in costume.

Hopefully this list of challenging scavenger hunt clues will get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to add your own Halloween ideas, have fun and be safe!

Looking for more Halloween party ideas?  Try these Halloween Party Games.  Or purchase the ready-made Halloween Game Packet or Halloween Bingo below!

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