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Looking for some spooktacular Halloween party ideas?  How about hosting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt Party this year!  This is a great idea for all ages and a fun way to ensure that everyone has a safe Halloween.

Halloween Party Invitations

First come up with a fun creative Halloween party invitation. You can enlist the help of your kids to make homemade Halloween cards or you could choose to send a Halloween Evite. Be sure to include the timeframe for your party, directions to the venue and invite guests to wear their most creative Halloween costumes! Also add a reminder to bring their favorite trick-or-treating bag.

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Halloween Party Games

Scavenger Hunt Guru has you covered here!

Start by prepping your house or party venue for this Halloween party game.  It involves hiding cut-out ghost, pumpkin and witch hats throughout the location. Your guests will search for them during the party. It’s a fun Halloween game that lasts for the duration of your party and keeps folks searching from beginning to end.

Next, print out several copies of this Halloween scavenger hunt.  The kids (or parents) will take this free Halloween scavenger hunt list out with them as they go trick-or-treating and attempt to find all of the scavenger hunt clues. Be sure to have a fun prize for the winning team of scavenger hunting trick-or-treaters!

Lastly, no Halloween party is complete without a Halloween costume contest.  So be sure to come up with a spooky prize for the most creative, scary, outrageous, funny Halloween costumes that walk through your door! You can choose to have them vote on each other's costumes or you can be the judge.

Halloween Cookies and Treats

Don’t forget the Halloween party food! Homemade sugar cookies are a wonderful treat. Pumpkin and ghost cookie cutters are easy to find and make your Halloween treats festive and fun. Other yummy ideas include:  Pumpkin Soup and Carmel Popcorn.

You may also want to consider having a goody bag for each of your guests. Halloween items to consider adding to the bags include: candy, gift cards, fake teeth, clown noses, feather boas, Halloween stickers, etc.

Looking for additional Halloween Party ideas?

The packet of printable Halloween scavenger hunts and party games below is ready to go. Simply add paper, print and your party planning is well under way!

Scavenger Hunt
Printable Packet

Trick or Treat Hunt
Around Town Halloween Hunt
Halloween Costume Bingo (see below)
Halloween Word Search


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