Halloween Party Games

Are you looking for fun Halloween party games?  A scavenger hunt is a great idea for Halloween.  This game is very easy to set up and can last for the duration of your party or you can have a set time limit for the Halloween hunt. 

Halloween party games

The premise is simple.  Your guests will be searching for pumpkins, ghosts and witch hats throughout the party.  Each item will have a number written on the back.  The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Note:  This works well with a Halloween costume contest as you can announce the winner for both at the same time.  While your guests are mingling, they can vote on their favorite Halloween costume!  (Be sure to have a voting station set up!)

Halloween Party Idea Supplies

*  Orange, white and black construction paper
*  Scissors
*  Tape
*  Black Sharpie
*  Prizes for the winners.  For example:  pumpkin filled with candy, fun Halloween mask, etc.

Halloween Party Game Set-up

Step One

Determine the size of your group and the duration of your Halloween scavenger hunt, this will help you figure out how many shapes to cut out.

Step Two

Cut out an equal number of orange pumpkins, white ghosts and black witches hats.  Make sure you remember the total number that you are cutting out so that you can be sure they've all been found at the end of your Halloween party.  Write a point value on each one.  You may choose to keep in simple and have all the pumpkins worth 10 points.  All the witch hats worth 15 points and all the ghosts worth 20 points.  Or, you can shake it up and write 10, 15, and 20 randomly on them.  (Use whatever point system you would like to use for this.)

Step Three

Before the party, walk around the entire party venue and tape the pumpkins, ghosts and witch hats throughout the area.  To make it harder, put the witch hats on black objects, the ghosts on light colored objects, etc.  Place some of them in more obvious locations and others in harder to find spots:  for example:  the inside of a cupboard door where someone might go looking for a glass.

Step Four

Explain the Hallween game to your guests when they arrive.  They will mingle and look for your Halloween cut-outs for the duration of the party.

Step Five

When the time limit is up, have your guests add up their points and have a nice Halloween surprise for the winner.  You can then have 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes if you'd like based on the person with the highest number of ghosts, hats and pumpkins.  If there's a tie, have them add up their points for each category.

Enjoy this Halloween party idea and have a safe and wonderful time trick or treating and enjoying everyone's Halloween costumes.

Looking for more Halloween party games?  Try this Halloween Scavenger Hunt as you go trick or treating with your kids.  Or purchase the ready-made Halloween Games packet or Halloween Costume Bingo below!

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