Group Word Game

by Anonymous

My friends and I, five of us, really enjoy playing the teen activity: "Grouping the Words." We play this group word game just about every day.

How to Play

In this teen game, one person from the group will take the initiative to start the activity off with a simple melodious song. This will give 10 points to him/her for starting the game. Everyone joins in and sings along.

After singing the song, the first person will take the last word from the song and turn it into a word phrase. (To clarify, this game starts with a song and then switches to words.) In this second phase of the game, everyone participates by saying a word that fits the chosen category. For example if the category is "Education," words like books, university, diploma, etc. can all be used. Five points are awarded for every time a person participates. If anyone is unable to say a word, they will lose their score for that round. Calculate the score of each player for round two.

Round three takes the last phrase word from round two and starts off with a new phrase from a new category. For example you can use "Entertainment" and come up with movie names, actors, actresses, plays, etc. Calculate the score at the end of this round.

Keep adding on rounds with a new "topic" each time to extend the game.

At the very end, calculate the total score for each player. The person with the highest score is the winner.

***For a fun twist, we do not allow the winner to participate for the next two days!***

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