Grandpa and Grandma's
"Christmas Gift Hunt"

by Grandma Brown
(Cook Forest, PA)

The grandkids finding a clue

The grandkids finding a clue

My two grandchildren had a wonderful time on this Christmas Scavenger Hunt. My husband (Grandpa) and I bought them a basketball hoop for Christmas and set it up in our garage. We wrapped two basketballs up to put under the Christmas tree which they opened first. We saved one tiny box for the last gift with the "start" of the hunt taped to the top. They really enjoyed running around the house and even their parents, aunts and uncles enjoyed watching them on their journey.

This Christmas game can be altered to work with Christmas decorations and locations in your own home. Hope you enjoy the rhyme and creating a hunt for the children in your life this holiday season.

Christmas Gift Hunt

Taped to the box:
In this box there is a clue
To help you find a gift for both of you

Clue in the box:
Find the snowman on the porch
It's sure to help you on your search

Clue hidden under the snowman:
Look for the snowman on the door
He holds a clue to help you more

Clue hidden inside the snowman doorknob decoration:
Jump up three times, spin around two
Look on the floor for clue number four

Clue hidden under the nearby kitchen table:
There is a Santa by the fireplace
He'll help you on your clue race

Clue sticking our of the Santa decoration on our hearth:
Look for your coat, find your hat
You need them to see where it's at

Clue hidden with their coats and hats:
Head out to Grandpa's garage
To find your gift that's very large

Tip: If you are sending them outside, make certain the adults that want to be in on the fun are geared up with boots on. The grandkids weren't too excited about waiting as they threw their boots on and went running out the door. :-) Luckily Grandpa and others had already headed out!

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"Christmas Gift Hunt"

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Dec 24, 2018
Great ideas NEW
by: Anonymous

This is great! My kids love when we do a scavenger hunt. They are also getting a basketball hoop this year. Thanks for sharing!

Sep 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

Nice article.

Mar 18, 2015
Reminds me of when I was a kid!
by: Darian

My grandparents used to do the same to me and my brother. They used to set up a great adventure for us with hints to the next puzzle location. The final treasure would always be a lovely one.

Mar 04, 2010
Love It!
by: The Guru

This is the cutest Christmas gift hunt! Sounds like your grandkids really enjoyed it. I love the rhyming clues. Thanks for sharing!

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