Gardening Games
For your Home or School Garden

Gardens for kids and gardening games are a fun way to introduce your students to growing their own food.  State science concepts can also be taught through gardening activities and garden games.

These garden scavenger hunt ideas are great fun for kids.  Gardens are a great classroom to explore the natural world, see plant growth and nurturing in action, and leave behind the desks for awhile.  Child gardening should be encouraged by parents and schools.  Let's work togehter to bring the fruits of the garden to school cafeterias and family dinner tables!

So put on your garden gloves, take those kids out to your school garden or backyard garden and get down and dirty! And if you are in need of more inspiration, check out this list of fun garden activities for kids!

gardening games, garden scavenger hunt

School Gardening Games and
Garden Scavenger Hunt Ideas

* Name three different vegetables grown in the garden. What color are the plants?

* Find two different insects. Describe them. 

* Find an example of pollination. What is happening?

* Head to the compost pile. What ingredients make good compost? Grab a shovel and help turn the pile.

* Do you see any worms? Are they healthy or unhealthy for the garden and the soil?

* How many different colors of flowers can you find?

* Taste a plum tomato. Describe the taste.

* Pull out 5 weeds. How can you tell they are weeds.

* Shhh. Listen. Do you hear any birds? What could their role be in the garden?

* Why is water important to the plants in the garden? How is this garden watered?

* Find a plant that is in the shade. Does it look healthy? Do some plants like the sun more than others? What do you think?

* Find examples of the FBI in the garden. (Fungus, Bacteria, Invertebrates)

* Find your favorite vegetable in this garden. Draw a picture of the plant.

* Find a quiet space in the garden. Sit still. Close your eyes. Listen. Relax.

Use these gardening games to give you ideas and brainstorm up some more gardening activities on your own for your students to enjoy in your school garden. Don't forget to check out this garden activity for more creative ideas!

Looking for more outdoor clue ideas? Check out this scavenger hunt list of items found outside. 

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