Fun Garden Activity for Kids

This is a great garden activity for kids!  Garden games are an excellent way to encourage kids to get involved with the family garden and this hands-on activity will encourage kids to learn more about the vegetables that they eat.  When we make gardening fun, we can encourage our kids to eat healthy and explore different kinds of vegetables.

Are you a teacher looking for a garden lesson plan? Here is a collection of more gardening games for you to use in your school garden when you are through with these gardening activities. Parents, you can try them too!

garden activity

Garden Activity List

* Find your least favorite vegetable. Draw a picture of it's leaves.

* Find five different weeds and pull them out. How are they different?

* Find three different insects. Do you know what kind they are? Describe them.

* Find a plant with long skinny leaves. What plant is this?

* Find a plant with big, fluffy leaves. What plant is this?

* Find a vegetable plant that is flowering. Where is the vegetable going to form?

* Which vegetable in this garden do you think will be able to be harvested first?

* Which vegetable in this garden do you think will be harvested last?

* What is the tallest vegetable plant in the garden?

* What is the shortest plant in the garden? Why is it short?

* Is there a fence around this garden? Why or why not? 

* Where does the water for this garden come from? Try watering a few of the plants that look dry.

* Find your favorite vegetable. If it's ready, pick it and try a bite. Describe the taste.

* Lay down on your back in the garden. Pretend you are a plant sinking your roots into the soil. What would it feel like to grow here?

* Why are some plants growing in the shade and some in the sun?

I hope you enjoyed this list of activities for the garden! Enjoy doing them with your children or grandchildren. Next time you head out in search of local organic produce, take along this farmers market game

Looking for more ways to interact with the garden? Check out this list of fun garden activities for kids!

Have other ideas to add to this list? Please do so in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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