Fun Garden Activities for Kids

There are a ton of great garden activities for kids that will get them outside, into the garden, and exploring in a fun, interactive way. This list is meant to start your wheels turning and get creative with gardening activities and gardening games for children. 

List of Garden Activities for Kids

garden activities for kids

Leaf Rubbings

All you need for this are some crayons and pieces of paper. Simply pick a variety of leaves of different shapes and sizes from various garden plants. Place them on a flat surface. Put the paper on top, press down firmly and rub over the leaf with a crayon. Hint: Thickly veined leaves work well for this activity.

Make a Garden Stepping Stone

This activity is a bit more involved, but will add your kids’ creative flair to the garden. You’ll need a stepping stone mold from your local craft store and some cement mix. Simply mix up the cement, pour it in and get creative! Ideas include:  pushing in brightly colored marbles, making handprints or footprints, using a large rhubarb leaf to press into the cement and leave the vein imprint behind, etc.

Make a Sound Map

Lie down in the garden. Be still. Be quiet. Map out the sounds that you hear. Take a piece of paper and draw the various sounds in relation to where you are lying down.

Garden Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get your kids out interacting with the garden. Check out this garden activity and these gardening games for some wonderful scavenger hunt ideas!

Plant a Color Bowl

Grab a nice large bowl shaped planter and head to your nearest nursery. Let your kids pick out a bunch of flowers in a variety of colors. Back at home, help them to plant their color bowl and put it in a nice sunny spot. They will enjoy the responsibility of watering and caring for their own little flower garden!

Sprout Some Beans

This is a fun activity for kids as it allows for a certain “instant gratification” as beans sprout rather quickly. Simply soak your beans overnight, put them in a mason jar tipped at an angle on the counter, rinse them twice a day and you’ll have sprouts. More information on sprouting can be found here - lentils are an easy one to start with!

Create a Scarecrow for Your Garden

Gather up those old clothes that are in a pile to send to the thrift store and have some fun making a scarecrow. Stuff the shirts and pants with newspaper or straw. Make a head out of a pumpkin or a stuffed shirt. Add a hat or bandana and some extra flair. Place your scarecrow in the garden and enjoy!

Storytime in the Garden

This is an easy one. Grab your favorite kids books, a cozy blanket or two and head out for storytime in the garden! Let your kids lie down and get comfy, listen to the sounds of the garden and feel the breeze as you read to them. So fun!

Find the Hornworm

Okay - I admit - this is a bit outlandish. But if you can bill it as fun, you can have some little helpers in your quest to find the hornworms on your tomato plants! This can be a fun activity for the kids - and will also help you to rid your garden of these nasty green guys. Simply have your kiddos look over your tomato plants and try to spy the green guys. Hint: Follow the poop trails! They blend in really well so this is a “game” that you can do a couple of evenings a week. 

I'd love to hear about your fun garden activities for kids. Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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