Fun Outdoor Games for Teens

Fun outdoor games for teens are a "must have" in your bag of tricks when working with teenagers, or when planning activities for your own teens. The following list includes my favorite teen activities chosen after many years of working in the field of outdoor education and summer camp directing. Enjoy!

Looking for outdoor games for younger children? Check out my Top 10 Outdoor Activities for Kids.  And be sure to add your own two cents with your Top 10 Favorites!

Top 10 Outdoor Games for Teens

(In no particular order)

1. Kick the Can is one of my all time favorite games for teenagers.

2. Paintball games work really well for this age group. Find a paintball field near you.

3. Geocaching is an excellent activity to do with teens. It's a basically a fun GPS scavenger hunt to find hidden "caches" around town, in the woods, and off trail. Find a cache near you.

4. Capture the flag is one of my "go to" activities for teenagers. It will keep a large group of teens working together and enjoying themselves while also focussing on the skills of teamwork and cooperation.

5. Ultimate Frisbee is another of my favorite teen games. All that is needed is an open field and a frisbee.

6. Get those teenagers outside! Go on a hike. Take along these hiking activities to make the excursion more interesting.

7. Learn to fly a stunt kite. Kites are fun to fly for all ages and teenagers enjoy the extra challenge of flying a stunt kite.

8. In the winter try sled riding, ice skating, snowshoeing or cross country skiing. This is especially fun to do with teenagers who are new to these activities. They are a great way to demonstrate that being active outside in the winter can be fun too!

9. Go on a photo scavenger hunt. This activity is always a hit with teens and can be done with large group or with your own children while out on the town or as a vacation game.

10. Play a round of frisbee golf. If you can't find a local course, make one up! Designate various "trees" as the holes and let the frisbees fly. This is another fun activity for teens that gets them out of the house and enjoying themselves while being active. Find a disc golf course near you.

Hope you enjoyed my Top 10 List of outdoor teen games. Remember to share your favorite activities for teenagers here!!

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