Here you will find a collection of funny scavenger hunt items to sprinkle into your next scavenger hunt game.  These can be incorporated into a video scavenger hunt or into a photo scavenger hunt list to spice them up with crazy clue ideas.

Note:  Many of these funny scavenger hunt ideas can be listed as “Photo of…” of “Video of…” when you are making up your list of funny clues.

Funny Scavenger Hunt List of Clues

*  Person walking a cat on a leash

*  Bird flying around inside the house

*  Misspelled street sign

*  People having a water fight in a park fountain

*  Hot pink boxer shorts

*  Person going shopping at the mall in a tutu

*  Person getting a whipped cream pie in the face

*  Someone wearing every article of clothing backwards

*  Two people attached at the hip (literally) performing everyday tasks

*  Someone rolling in the mud

*  A dog performing uniquely funny tricks

*  A child pushing their parent in a shopping cart

*  Someone wearing an animal hat

*  Someone riding their bike through the drive-thru

*  Orange Converse shoes

*  Tattoo of “I love my Mom”

*  Someone speaking in gibberish to ask for directions

*  Two animals snuggling

*  An adult wearing a balloon hat in public

*  A spontaneous group hug in a crowded public space

I hope you enjoyed these funny scavenger hunt clues and I hope you find a way to incorporate a few of them into your next scavenger hunt to add a little spark and pizzazz!  Check out this crazy scavenger hunt list for more fun, zany clue ideas!

And be sure to look around you with a creative eye to find the wildly wonderful and unique clue ideas that pass you by each and every day!