Fun Math Game
For A Creative Math Lesson Plan

Are you looking for a creative math lesson plan?  A fun math game will get your students discovering mathematics beyond their desks and books.

This math activity can be tailored to the grade level which you are teaching.  Simply substitute in the mathematics state standards that you are covering and use this as a guide to brainstorm other ideas.  

This is best as a math homework activity.  It can be done in pairs if you so desire.  Be sure to have the students share their findings with the math class to make this into more of a fun math game.  If you want, you can have them provide parts of their findings to their classmates and let the whole class try to figure out the answers.  This will encourage some public speaking skills as well.

fun math game

Math Scavenger Hunt List

* How many pages is today's newspaper?

* How many sides does an octagon have? Find an example and bring it to class.

* Ask a family member for your favorite recipe. Add the amounts of all ingredients together. How many cups of ingredients does it take to make?

* What is the average age of your siblings? (Yourself included.)

* Measure your bedroom. What is the total area of your floor? 

* Stretch your arms out to your sides. Measure from fingertip to fingertip. Now measure your height. What is the difference between these measurements?

* Measure your driveway. What is 1/3 of it's length? (If you don't have a driveway, measure your parking space.)

* Count the ice cubes in your freezer. How many cups do you need in order to use up all the ice if you put 3 cubes in each cup? Now count the cups in your cupboard. Do you have enough?

* Go on the internet. When was most of the mathematical notation that we use today invented?

* Count the keys on your computer. How many are there? How many would there be if there were only 1/5 of the keys?

* Count the cars on your street. Suppose there were 5 other streets with the same number of cars as your street has. How many total cars would there be?

* Go to the grocery store. Add up the price of a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, and a jar of peanut butter. If the sales tax is 7%, what would be the total of your groceries?

* Still at the grocery store, weigh 3 oranges. How much do they weigh? How much do they cost per pound? How much do the oranges then cost?

* Look in the newspaper for the time of sunrise and time of sunset for tomorrow. How long will the sun be up?

Use this fun math game to demonstrate to your students the many uses of mathematics outside of the classroom and in daily living. Use it to spice up your math lesson plans and help to make homework more fun for your students. Happy teaching!

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