Fun Food Scavenger Hunt
Riddle For Kids

by Cheryl

This fun foods scavenger hunt is great to do with your children or grandchildren. Make sure the food items in the hunt are available in the house for kids to find. The answers to the scavenger hunt riddle and food to look for are in parenthesis. It's easy to add food items according to your family food preferences. Just be creative as you come up with your own riddles!

Directions:Read the riddle and have the kids find the appropriate food.

List of Things to Find

1. I'm white or brown and come in a slice....
Many people think as toast, I'm quite nice. (bread)

2. I come from a hen and am oval in shape.....
When fried or scrambled, I taste great. (egg)

3. I'm salty and square...
Soup and I make a great pair. (cracker)

4. I'm orange and crunchy and grow in the ground...
Bunnies love to have me around. (carrot)

5. I'm long and yellow and grow on a tree...
Monkeys and people like to eat me. (bananna)

6. I'm red or green and grow on a tree...
I make a good snack when you bite into me. (apple)

7. I'm orange and grow on a tree....
To make a great juice, people squeeze me. (orange)

8. I come from a cow and I'm yummy to drink...
When you add strawberry, I sometimes turn pink. (milk)

9. I'm brown and smooth and come in a jar...
Add grape jelly and I really star! (peanutbutter)

10. I'm creamy and cold and fun to eat...
With birthday cake, I'm a real treat. (ice cream)

Hope your kids enjoy this fun food scavenger hunt as much as mine did!

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Riddle For Kids

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Nov 24, 2010
Great idea!
by: Maria

I love this idea! I'm going to try it with my kids this week. What a creative idea. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl!

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