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A Car Scavenger Hunt

Fun car games are a great way to keep your family or group of kids occupied on those long road trips.  A car scavenger hunt is one of the easier kids car games to pull off as it does not require much set-up.  Simply print out the list below and have the group start searching!  

You can either call the items off one at a time and they will all search for the same thing at once.  Or, you can choose to print out the free scavenger hunt list below for each kid in the group.  Either way, they will be keeping their eyes peeled outside the windows instead of picking on one another.  And who knows what interesting things they may find on your car trip!

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Road Trip Game List

  • A yellow school bus.

  • License plates from five different states. List them.

  • Cows on the right hand side of the road.

  • A sports team in uniform.

  • A barn with a mural painted on it.

  • An orange vehicle.

  • The letters A-Q (or Z depending on the length of your drive).

  • A street sign that is four words long. (Bonus points if it includes a person's name.)

  • A pig.

  • First item on the McDonald's Drive-Thru window menu.

  • A stadium.

  •  Someone riding a horse.

  • Starbucks.

  • A lemonade stand.

  • A carwash.

  •  A purple flower.

  • A snowman or an open swimming pool depending on the season.

  • A fire truck.

Add to the list as you drive along and keep your creative mind going. It will keep you occupied as well!

If it's a long trip, bring along these cool car games too! Enjoy your road trip and don't let those kids don't get to you!  Have fun with them and enjoy the journey.

As always, happy hunting!

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