Free I Spy Game

Here's a free I spy game to keep in your back pocket for those long waits in the doctor's office or for the long road trip to Grandma's house. You might even just want to print out a copy and stick it in your purse or in the glovebox of your car.

The premise is simple. Take turns "spying" things and guessing what the spied objects are.  Feel free to give hints and clues to help your children out if they need it!

Looking for more ideas? Here's another fun I spy game.

Great I Spy Game for Kids

Always start with "I spy..."

* A blue hat.

* Something yellow.

* A red sign.

* The number 10.

* Something soft.

* Something diamond shaped.

* Someone laughing.

* Something round.

* Something tiny.

* Something huge.

* Someone singing.

* Something sharp.

* Something wet.

* Something hand made.

* Something dark.

* A shadow.

* Something green.

* Something that swims.

* An orange circle.

* Something you can eat.

* Something you wear.

* Something quiet.

* Something sleeping.

* Something to drink.

* Someone yelling.

* A purple shape.

* Something old.

* Something living.

This is a great game to add to your list of kid activities. It can be done anywhere and is only limited by your imagination. Get creative with what you are spying.  Be on the lookout for shapes, colors, textures and more. Watch what people are doing and start "spying" their actions.  This activity is a great one for kids to start building an awareness of their surroundings.

As always - have fun and enjoy the hunt!  Have some creative ideas of your own?  Share your scavenger hunts here!

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