Farmers Market Game

Here's a farmers market game that's fun for the whole family!

It's that time of year - fresh produce, fruit stands, vegetable stands and farmer's markets!  Bring along this farmer's market activity and keep your children occupied as you do your weekly shopping.  Get them excited about buying locally grown vegetables and eating organic produce.  Add to this farmer's market scavenger hunt list, have fun with this healthy activity and enjoy your day!

Farmer's Market Game

Farmers Market Game
List of Things to Find

  • How many stands are selling organic produce only?

  • How many different types of berries are available for sale?

  • Which farmer drove the farthest to get here?

  • Which farmer lives the closest to the farmer's market?

  • How much does one of your favorite vegetables cost?

  • How many different colors of fruits and vegetables can you find?

  • Can you find someone selling fresh herbs? What kind are they selling? What do they smell like?

  • Is there a farmer here that is selling fresh eggs? How much does a dozen eggs cost?

  • Can you find a farmer who is selling fresh cheese? If so, what kind of cheese are they selling?

  • Is there someone selling baked goods? What's your favorite baked item that they are offering?

  • Find a vegetable you've never tasted before. What vegetable is it?

  • Find something that smells sweet.

  • Can you find a farmer selling flowers? Name three different kinds of flowers for sale at this stand.

  • How many different varieties of tomatoes can you find?

  • What is the largest vegetable you can find?

  • How many different types of fresh meat are for sale at this farmer's market?

  • Shake hands with a farmer!

  • How much does a bunch of garlic cost?

Use this farmers market activity with your family or class. Add to the scavenger hunt and try it again next week. It's a great way to learn about local produce and seasonal produce.

This activity is also a great way to explore your local market a bit more in depth - and get to know the folks behind the produce tables. It's fun to connect with the folks who you are buying your food from!

Heading directly to your local farm? Bring along this great around the farm scavenger hunt!

As always - have fun and share your experience with us back here!

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