Around the Farm Scavenger Hunt

Taking a trip to a local farm? Bring along this farm scavenger hunt and encourage your kids to explore the farm in a hands-on, interactive way. Do you own a local farm? Tweak this list to include farm animals and farm tools that are on your property and make it available to your farm visitors. Scavenger hunts are a great way to get out on the farm and learn about the farm.

Farm Scavenger Hunt List

Around the Farm Scavenger Hunt
  • Find three different kinds of animal scat

  • Find a feather. What animal did it come from?

  • Find a freshly laid egg

  • Count the stalls in the barn. How many stalls are there?

  • Look for a tuft of fur - what animal is it from?

  • Find a shovel

  • Climb up on a tractor and honk the horn

  • Find the compost pile. What makes compost?

  • Look for three different types of flowers

  • Find an animal with two legs

  • Find an animal with four legs

  • Find an animal without a beak. What animal did you find?

  • Find an animal track. What animal made this track?

  • Find an animal that is the same height as you

  • Look for a pair of rubber boots

  • Listen for five different animal sounds

  • Give a handful of feed to a goat. What do goats eat?

  • Find a rake

  • Count the different types of animals on this farm. How many are there?

  • Name four vegetables that are planted in the garden

  • How many toes does a chicken have?

  • Shake hands with a farmer!

  • What is the name of your favorite farm animal?

  • Find a hose. Where is the water going?

  • Does this farm have horses? Pet one of them!

  • Does the barn have a loft? Climb the ladder and see what’s up there!

  • Find three different types of seeds

  • What is the largest animal on the farm?

  • What is the smallest animal on the farm?

  • Find a non-domesticated animal here on the farm

  • Find an animal that has hooves

  • Stand beside the largest piece of farm machinery that you can find. What does this machine do on the farm?

  • Shhh. Listen. Who is the noisiest animal on the farm?

  • Where do the cows get milked?

Have fun with your trip to the farm as it is a wonderful place for kids to explore and a great teaching location for interactive activities.

Heading out to the Farmer’s Market? Take this farmer’s market game along!

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