Easter Scavenger Hunt

This really fun Easter scavenger hunt is sure to be a hit with the kids this year.  Families and groups are always looking for fun Easter games to spice up their traditional Easter egg hunts so I decided to come up with The Guru's spin on things.

For this Easter game, you will need an Easter basket per kid and a bunch of plastic eggs.

Rather than the kids finding all of their Easter candy in the basket when they wake up, instead they find several plastic Easter eggs filled with clues for this fun scavenger hunt.

Easter scavenger hunt

Examples of Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

*  Look under your bed.

*  Look by the swingset.

*  Look under a tree in the lawn.

*  Look in the dryer.

*  Look in the mailbox.

*  Look under the stairs.

*  Look in the dryer.

*  Look under your pillow.

*  Look in the coffee pot.

*  Look in the bird feeder.

*  Look at the top of the slide.

*  Look in the butter dish.

*  Look in the flowerpot outside.

*  Look by your toothbrush.

*  Look in your car seat.

*  Look in the refrigerator.

*  Look in the mailbox.

*  Look around the swingset.

*  Look by the forest path.

*  Look on the basement stairs.

*  Look under the kitchen sink.

*  Look in the car's driver's seat.

*  Look in your book bag.

*  Look in the silverware drawer.

*  Look inside your tennis shoe.

*  Look by the phone.

Easter Game Set-Up

Step One:
Put the various scavenger hunt clues on a slip of paper inside each of the plastic eggs.  (You can stick a small piece of candy in with some of the clues if you wish.)

Step Two:
Separate the eggs out between each of the kids' baskets.

Step Three:
Place a piece of Easter candy or fun Easter gift at each of the locations for which you've made up a clue.  (Be sure that things are even so that each kid gets the same amount of candy and Easter prizes.)

Step Four:
Gather the kids together and send them out on their Easter egg hunts.

This Easter hunt can be tailored if needed so that kids get their favorite candy.  Simply match the clues and prizes to each kid individually.

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