Eagle Eye Camp Game

by Bettie Taylor
(Spokane, WA)

Eagle Eye is a fun camp game to add to your bag of tricks. It can also be played on group outings and is a great kids activity to keep in your collection of hide and seek games to play in the woods!

Camp Game Set-up:

Prior to playing the game, have the group create a "nest" 2 feet in diameter and made of sticks.

How to Play this Eagle Eye Camp Game

Choose one person to be the eagle. This person stays in the nest.

The eagle counts to 30 with its eyes closed, and everyone goes and hides.

The hiders have to find a spot to hide but still be able to see and be seen by the eagle with either a part of their shirt, shoes, face, etc. slightly showing.

The eagle then opens their eyes while staying in the nest. They then start looking around to spot anyone they can see.

Once they see someone, the Eagle Eye says: "I see you ____", and they say that persons name - and that person is out for the rest of the round and comes to stand by the nest.

If the eagle cannot spot anyone or cannot spot any additional hiders, they say "the eagle is counting to ten." They then close their eyes again and count to ten.

At this point, all of the hiding campers must get out of their hiding area and move closer to the eagle without being seen, but still be able to spot the eagle from their hiding place.

This keeps going with the Eagle Eye alternately spotting and counting with their eyes closed while the campers move closer until the last person is found. They are the next eagle!

This eagle eye camp game is great to play with summer campers on long hikes or as a cabin activity right on the grounds of camp. I can also see it being useful as an outdoor or environmental education activity.

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